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&explains why state educators say there is still a long way to go. >> the graduation rate is almost at 84%. but that means there's still a good portion of students dropping out. and state educators say that's one student too many. >> reporter: more of maryland's high school students are getting diplomas in 40 years. new numbers friday show the state's graduation rate for the class of 2012, rose just over 33%. an increase of 1.5% in two years. >> more and more of our principals are making sure that individual students complete high school education on time. >> reporter: they say it play a big part. >> i think it's really reassuring. >> they are comforted by the number. high school seniors are encouraged. >> that's good. like many people in our jobs, going to high school and graduating college. >> passing state assessment, which focusing -- focuses on english, math, and biologist. -- biology. >> i think the bridge project does help some of our students who traditionally would become very frustrated and give up. >> while the graduation rate might be up, state educators say there is still roo
support in the state gave them two years to build their system and educate the public. but there have still been problems. on the first day the site was so slow, the state took it offline to make adjustments to speed it up. there are still some technical glitches. every day are you finding new things on the site that need to be tweaked? >> yes, we're finding things all the time that need to be tweaked. >> reporter: on wednesday, washington state had to take its site down because the federal government system that verifies identities and income was not working. people had to fill out forms by hand if the federal site was working just fine, would your site be up and running perfectly. >> our site would be up and running, yes. >> reporter: how well. >> we think pretty well. we're able to get enrollments through. we have places where people might get stuck. >> reporter: now, there are more than 1 million people here in washington state that are unensured and the goal is to enroll 320,000 by january 1. so far, more than 80% of the people enrolling are enrolling in medicate caid, meaning th
in the state. >> most maryland universities have alcohol education programs and basic training but this collaborative takes it a step further. >> schools will develop multilevel interventions, targeting students, parents and the surrounding area. >> colleges don't exist in bubbles. they're right next to communities. we've got to work with the communities to reduce the level of risk from alcohol use. >> the collaborative will provide public health expertise and help them assess which strategies will work. >> we will not make that go away, but we can help empower them to do it a little smarter. >> linh bui wjz eyewitness news. >> the university system of maryland and johns hopkins university host the collaborative. >> nearly a dozen other colleges participate. >> all right. still ahead on eyewitness news saturday morning. >> on the floor now! >> tsa agents targeted a gunman shoots three security screeners at l.a.x. killing one of them. the chaos for travelers and what we're learning about the suspect. >> growing frustrations with washington. good morning i'm meghan mccorkell with
of education for the improvement. >>> if you're looking for a way to get rid of those pumpkins you can head to the maryland science center at the inner harbor. the museum is offering reduced admission prices today for visitors bringing left over pumpkins to smash. the pumpkins will be dropped from the roof. there will be live music and other halloween themed activities. >> sounds like fun. >>> still to come on wjz eyewitness news at noon. >> this could have ended up a lot worse. >> a school bus takes a plunge into a kansas creek. the latest on the students and their driver. >>> becoming less popular. the social network that's losing interest among teens. the answer coming up. >>> the sun is slowly starting to sign on the west side. will the wet weather stay with us there you the weekend? your complete first warning weather forecast still coming up. my budget and i are good, but it wasn't always that way. (al's budget) let! go! (al) no, budget! no! (al's budget) let! go! (al vo) but thanks to we got approved to shop with low monthly payments. they've got over 30,000 products fr
and his events, my educated guess would be he's a lone wolf acting out of deep animosity. >> police on the scene say he had enough ammunition to kill every individual in the terminal if given the opportunity. how do authorities defend against something like this? it's very hard. it's not impossible in a society like ours to cover every potential. there's just too many targets out there, too many targets of opportunity. an individual like this gets a gun, gets the magazine and can do a tremendous amount of damage. i think we have to give tremendous credit to law enforcement for the way they responded to this in a heroic manner. well trained. they obviously had exercised all these kinds of potentials and did their job. that may be the best to expect not to prevent them all but effective willly respond the them and limit the damage. it could have been a lot worse. it's terripomeranz. thank you. >>> security will be tight for tomorrow's new york city marathon with millions expected to line the course along with the runners. police dogs will be out to detect explosi
is brought to you by mcdonald's thanking baltimore educators with free premium roast coffee every tuesday. thank you from baltimore mcdonald's family. don, back to you. >> thank you. >>> penn state is paying millions to those abused by jerry sandusky. mike schuh is live with details. >> reporter: good morning, don. good morning, everyone. the number of known victims in the penn state jerry sandusky sex scandal jumped dramatically. in a nearly $60 million settlement it was disclosed that 26 additional young men were strong enough to -- enough to be included in the agreement. a local scholar says the settlement was the wisest role for the schools. the money is covered by the school's insurance. mike schuh reporting live. >>> a local man is facing charges for selling drugs on the black market web site known as the silk road. jacob george the fourth is charged with selling heroin and other drugs on the site which the feds brought down earlier this month. police make arrests following the fatal shooting of a hotel worker in oxon hill. surveillance video
$40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. >> pelley: we end the week with one tough grandma, she's done a lot of time in prison to make sure that other folks don't. steve hartman met her "on the road" >> reporter: grandmas by their very nature don't want trouble. they're typically more partial to cookies and afghans than thugs and thieves but 81-year-old suellen fried of prairie villeage, kansas, defies that stereotype bringing her sweet, soft touch to this razor wire world. >> i have never had one iota of fear. >> reporter: suellen started coming here to lancing, correctional around 1980 for what she thought would be a little volunteer work and ended up committed to these guys. for life. >> she has that grandmother effect on people. she just shows that she cares. >> by her seeing something in us, it cuts the light on or sparked a kindle within us and tells us maybe we're not that bad. >> you take the time to reall
. >> to go to a career school and get this type of education, this would cost you $20,000 and extra 11 months after high school. >> reporter: the classroom hare is a brand-new, state of the art dental lab. after a year and a half of construction, school leaders unveiled it today. it has new lights, equipment and dental stations. there's no other public school program in baltimore like it. >> i just love everything about this school. there's so many opportunities here. i mean, like you can get certified. when you graduate. >> reporter: while the students will learn everything they need to know in this lab for their certifications, next year, they'll get internships. they'll go to real dental offices, and get real-world experience. >> now. -- wow if they could skip that step and go straight to school of dentistry, wouldn't that be wonderful for them? >> this community has a lot of people who might not be able to get healthcare somewhere else that would be the best thing about this. >> reporter: and that means healthy smiles for everyone. i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> the vivian t. t
: most maryland universities have alcohol education programs and basic training, but this collaborative takes it a step further. >> schools target students, parents and the surrounding ar. dot exist in bubbles. they're right next to communities. we've got to work with the communities to reduce the level of risk from alcohol use. >> reporter: the collaborative will provide public health expertise and help assess which strategies work for each campuses. >> college drinking will go on. we can't make that go away. but we can help empower them to do it a little bit smarter. >> reporter: the collaborative will also host intensive training sessions. the next is scheduled for early november. reporting live, wjz eyewitness news. >> the university system of maryland and johns hopkins university host the collaborative. nearly a dozen other colleges participate. >>> one million -- one year ago today, people were realizing the extent of the damage of super storm sandy. >>> last night, ceanlds and flashlights lit up the jersey shore, as survivors paid their respects to what was lost. >>> wjz first wa
the artifacts is what blows us away. >> for 14-year-old carletta tyler she says it's time for the education system to revamp its history lesson. >> they don't go on that many field trips and they should go to places like this. it would really help them. >> rochelle ritchie wjz eyewitness news. >> and the collection is on display until march 2nd. >> okay. when we come back, we'll have the exclusive eyewitness news five day ,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] progresso's so passionate about its tomato florentine soup, it took a little time to get it just right. [ timer dings ] at first, it wasn't the perfect amount of tomatoes. not ready. [ male announcer ] later it wouldn't be the perfect amount of spinach. not ready. [ male announcer ] then, the sausage and pasta. ♪ not ready. [ male announcer ] but finally, it happened. perfection. yes! [ female announcer ] progresso traditional and rich & hearty flavors are five for $5.55 this week at giant. >>> a chance of light sprinkles this afternoon. 54 tomorrow, 48 and 57 and back into the 60s for wednesday and thursday with a chance of rain by the end of
on college drinking in the state. most maryland universities have alcohol education and basic training. but this collaborative takes it a step further. >> reporter: schools will develop multilevel intervention. targeting parents, students and the surrounding area. >> colleges don't exist in bubbles. you gotta work with communities to reduce the level of risk from alcohol use. >> the collaborative will provide approximately health expertise and assess which strategy will work best for campus. >> college drinking will go on. we can't make that go away. however, we can do things to help students function in an environment in which underaged drinking is going to happen. >> reporter: the collaborative will also host intensive training sessions. the next one is scheduled for early november. reporting live for wjz, linh bui, wjz eyewitness news. >> they host the collaborative. nearly a dozen other colleges participate. >>> if you're waiting for somebody to get home from work, let's check in on our roads right now, here's kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. >> hi, mary. hi, everyone. we're
he was in high school, to pay for his education. we're live, i'm rochelle ritchie, wjz eyewitness news. >> morgan state says it does not tolerate or accept and kind of discrimination. >>> orioles center fielder, adam jones, may win a golden glove tonight. but today was all about diamonds. jones' long-time girlfriend, announced the couple is engaged on instagram. she flashes a diamond ring on her left hand and writes, we're engaged. jones popped the question while the two were vacationing in paris. she is the daughter ever former envelope player, john fugate. congratulations to them both. >> that will be the bigger part of his day. the engagement, even if he gets the golden gov. >> -- glove. >> golden glove will mean more money. >> maybe so. >>> the president's twitter page is hacked. where two tweets sent followers, and who is behind it. >>> opening the lines of communication. how the death of a maryland man inspires a landmark program for people with development disabilities. >>> the annapolis city documents the green light. but not without opposition. i'm christie ileto, to exp
is what blows us away. >> reporter: she said it is time for the education system to revamp its history lessons. >> i think they should go to more museums like this. like they shouldn't go to that many field trips. >> rochelle ritchie, wjz eyewitness news. >> the collection is on display until march 2nd. >> looks interesting. >> it is. >>> well, still to come on wjz's eyewitness news. hanging on for dear life. a little girl is spotted dangling outside the window. how the terrifying situation ends, coming up. >>> i'm mike schuh at rising sun high school. where these high school students help to corral a runaway bus, after their driver had a medical emergency. their stories next. >>> as we take a look at the wjz mobile weather lab. we're here, celebrating halloween. your complete first warning forecast is coming up. >> batman. >>> maryland is celebrating halloween, as you can see. and we've asked to see your favorite halloween pictures. here are some of the ones that you sent in to us. to check out the complete slide show, log onto ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, woman: we had been calle
is what blows it away. >> she said it's time for the education system to revamp its history lesson. >> i think they should go to more museums like this. they don't go on that many field trips. they should go to places like this that would really help them. >> rochelle richie, wjz eyewitness news. >> that collection will be on display here until march the 2nd. >>> next up this morning right here on wjz. >> cbs news obtained early enrollment figures for i'm susan mcginnis in washington. coming up, numbers the government has refused to reveal. >>> good morning. the family of a man killed during a city drug stop is now suing police. i'm mike schuh, a live report next. >>> the wet roads seem to be causing some big problems this morning. we'll go down the list of problems in just a few. >>> sandra saint vicor is making the leap leap forefront talking about her new disk in stores now. >>> use chase freedom at and get 5% cash back this quarter. so you can find the perfect gift for everyone. including you. activate your 5% cash back at chase. so you ca
careers in technology and only 2% have the right education to fill those spots. michelle miller went to indianapolis to see why the digital divide has the tech world world. >> it's exactly why these students never considered computer science growing up. >> my main problem was the stigma around it. oh, you do computer science. you must be anti-social and not talk to anybody. i don't know if it hurts young girls more than boys but it definitely affected me a lot. >> i thought it was really cool to be able to make a program and to be able to customize it. it involves a lot of creativity and it's very clap rahhive, which is what people don't think. >> welcome to the 2013 celebration for women in computer. >> that's what attracted them and more than 4,000 other women to the grace harper conference in minneapolis. >> we need women to lead along with men. >> here industry leaders like facebook's chief operating operator sheryl sandberg talked tech and featured the future. jobs that can pay upwards of 40% more than the average career salary. >> when you look out
what one might call the education of eddie jackson is just one piece of the scenes. the coach driven to live up to his standards. >> i'm feeling bad for eddie. >> eddie comes around in the end. >> what's the secret to nick saban? >> wow, that's -- the short answer is he's a perfectionist and he has everybody in that organization and i mean organization because it's a $100 million football program. he sets that standard and expects everybody to live up to it. i think the mental approach is very different than any other program in the country. he really teaches these kids how to play under pressure. >> from bear bryant to nick saban. >> i'm so happy to see you. >> i'm so happy to be here and watch this. >> everybody's excited about their team but i've never seen anything -- >> i could talk for about 20 minutes on that. first of all, you grew up in alabama, i grew up in alabama. there's not a lot going on. people make fun of your state unfairly. but football. and in blamealabama we do football right. alabama wins the right way with the team tough defense, the
for this educational event and attend so you can better understand this opportunity. put the power in your hands and start taking control of your own life financially. >> shawn and i attended than's event a year ago, and we were pretty much novices when it came to real estate. the way that our business has been growing, i'll be able to quit my regular full-time job within the next 12 months. >> at the event, we will also teach you the second way i flip properties. and that's by fixing the property up and then selling it, like we do on our tv show. for example, this is one of the 31 properties i'm working on right now. on this property alone, i'm gonna make several times over what the average american makes in a year. just imagine how doing just one deal like this would impact your entire life. in fact, here are the profits i made in the last two months alone, just on properties i've rehabbed. i love this aspect of real estate because you can make even bigger profits, while, at the same time, you're improving neighborhoods. however, it's not as easy as it looks on tv. that's why you have to learn
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